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A Life of Purpose and Beauty

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I'm a self taught artist and creating owl art is great therapy for me since days of old. Though my owls come in different colors and shades, they are all named Ophelia. Ophelia is a romantic idealist, open to life and "addicted" to her endless quest to the meaning of life. She enjoys and treasures her moments of solitude but she also knows when she needs to be in the company of others. Through this journal, she hopes to share with you her thoughts and beliefs.

Lately, I found myself indulging in photography. I have an owl model and her name is Ophelia too. I like to think that she too possesses the same characteristics of the Ophelia in my paintings. She's my favourite toy model, I think it's her raisin-like eyes that seem to have such sweetness and innocence in them.

Enjoy my art, enjoy my photography, enjoy my world :D