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Owl Art - Lesson From A Child

I recently purchased a real photo postcard (RPCC) dated 1914 from an ebay seller because I was totally in love with the sweet innocence of the little girl in the photo. Judging from the photo, it must had been a day of fine weather and she decided to bring her little baby for a stroll in the garden for some fresh air. I imagined her to have pushed the baby carriage excitedly to the pots of flowers, she took a sniff of the flowers and quickly turned to her baby with the flowers and said "You have to smell this, it's nature's best perfume!"

This postcard reminded me the beauty around us that's often overlooked, a scent of a flower, the air in the garden and a child's innocent love for her favorite doll. My love for this postcard propelled me to create a mixed media collage using vintage fabrics,acrylic paints,oil pastels and paper.


Dolls Of Yesteryear

Ophelia the Owl is intrigued by these exquisite vintage dolls which were once the much adored and treasured playmates of little girls. Like Ophelia, I found myself lost in the world of the vintage and antique dolls recently,I'm surprised myself :D. As a kid from the 70s, my dolls/figurines collection were barbie dolls, strawberry shortcake and friends, cabbage patch kids and etc....the dolls from the 50s and pre-50s are really of another world to me which led me to want to read up on doll history and doll making.

This is a print of my original mixed media collage using acrylic paints and vintage cut-outs done on canvas. Image is printed on archival photo paper, signed and dated behind, available in my etsy store. Click on any of the thumbnails to enter my etsy store.


Visit my zazzle store to view more "Dolls Of Yesteryear" gifts :D

What if you woke up one day and to your amazement found a tree with all your favourite things growing on your head? It did happen to one girl whose name was Christabel...some said she became a tree eventually....and if you ever see a tree growing with teacups and music notes, that's her :D

If you have a tree growing on your head, how would yours look like? Hanging with your fave food,toys and gadgets? So those were some of my fave things :D It was a small painting, if I had used a larger canvas, maybe cats, chow chows and volkwagen beetles would appear in my painting lol! Thanks to Etsy, the original painting is now in the hands of a customer from Indiana. He bought it for his daughter's 2nd birthday :D

This is how the original painting looks like...

When I was uploading this digitally, I tried some color manipulation and got the red version. Both communicate different moods, I like both :D Both the red and original versions are available in both my etsy and zazzle stores. Then one day, I decided to print my namecards at zazzle, this is how the template looks like:

This is a chunky size, measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches. What you see above is the back of the namecard, the front is a full picture of the painting. There are altogther 3 sizes, slim, normal and chunky. Each order comes in a set of 100 namecards, reasonably priced and zazzle gives bulk discounts too! :D

In addition,customers can customise their personal details on the namecard, using zazzle's customisation options available next to the product,it's quick and hassle free. If you want to look for ready available namecards, zazzle has millions of designs from different sellers for you to choose from, no kidding! My namecards are definitely not the sleek chic design that people use for business purposes, I hope to attract a different type of customers with my namecards....maybe owl lovers.... students....and people who work with children :D Just to show some of my designs, they come double sided, click on the product to see the flip side of the card.

Have fun browsing through the namecards in zazzle and spread the word around if you find them useful! :D

Filial Piety -Thai Baht 20

This is a true story and it happened here in Thailand. I knew about the story through watching a TV show yesterday night and I considered watching this show one of the good thing that happened to me yesterday. It was already half way through the show when I switched on the TV....and there were scenes of volunteers attempting to clean and refurnish a small,cramped and messy apartment. It was then that I found out they were trying to help this man named Apirak. I figured he must be one kind of special and newsworthy, if not, he would not be featured on this TV show. Apirak seemed to be a middle aged man, slightly handicapped in speech and very small in size. Not sure what illness hit him when he was young but he seemed very cheerful and jovial.I found out later that it was a staff from a local bank who related his story to the TV show host which led to him appearing on the show.....here's Apirak's story....

He will go to the bank everyday, fill out a bank desposit slip and deposit 20 baht into his account, everyday without fail. In Bangkok, it's pretty hard to find a bowl of noodles that cost 20 baht (US$0.58), it usally starts from 25-30. Nobody deposits 20 baht everyday in this manner. What moved me was he did it for his aging mother, in the case when money is required for doctor fees, he could pay for the fees. The TV show hosts and staff were kind to help him to clean up his place, got him some new furniture and even gave him a new haircut (on the set!) and new clothes......and a monetary gesture of 10,000 baht (US $294). With the camera still rolling, the TV host, together with Apirak, went to the nearby bank and deposited this 10,000 baht. He then returned to the set and asked to see his mother. He excitedly showed his mother the new deposit of 10,000 baht and it was then that I found out his current savings are over 56,000 baht (US $1647)!He must have been depositing 20 baht daily for over 6 years or more :D

This story of Apirak really warmed my heart and filled me with happy thoughts....it reminds me that even in our current age of greed and materialism, there's still the existence of human goodness in every pocket of society. That night, I slept very sweetly :D

Things One Can Find When Hungry

I'm feeling hungry now...while waiting for my dinner....these are what I found in etsy when I keyed the search word "HUNGRY", enjoy my menu items!

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Owl Art - Catch A Falling Star

This is a print of my original acrylic painting on a canvas panel.

Ophelia catches a falling star on a rooftop while the mice continue in their stargazing. What will Ophelia do with a fallen star?

I first heard the following song in the movie, "Love Actually" when a group of school children sang this for a Christmas performance. The lyrics stuck with me and was probably buried somewhere in my sub-consciousness...only now, these lyrics sort of translated into this little painting :D

Catch A Falling Star by Perry Como

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day

For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day

The print is A4 size and printed on high quality acid-free art paper with a matt finish. Print is titled,dated and signed on the front. The artwork itself measures approximately 10 by 7.5 inches, leaving a white border around it for framing. Will be packed with great care in a bend-proof casing to ensure this reaches you in perfect condition. I do international shipping for all my artworks. Click on any of the thumbnails to see more of my art :D
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Looking for gifts other than art prints, check out my zazzle store for close to 1000 product offerings! :D
I have set up Honeyrasin store selling my photography prints for about 3 and a half months now and I have made 4 sales there, yayyyy!Haha!:D I now have a total of 99 prints and still growing as the day passes. My prints come in all sorts of sizes,ranging from 6 x 4 to 15 x 10, customers can request for any desired size even if the product listing states otherwise. All prints are printed professionally on Fuji Color Crystal Archive Paper with matt finish, quality guaranteed and they come ready to be framed. Prints will be sent to the customers in a bend-proof casing to ensure prints' condition remain intact. My subject interests are pretty wide...so there is something in there for everyone, wall art for homes and offices :D Click on any of the thumbnails to view the photos, do give it some time for the thumbnails to appear.

Here's the lastest of the lastest from my store, a little fun treat for the bathroom, kitchen or for any tako lover! :D

"Tako-Momoko In Distress!"

Tako-Momoko at her wits end now, will she be able to make her escape from the notorious tako hater sushi chef??

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An acrylic painting that was inspired after watching Hong Kong arthouse director,Wong Kar Wai's film In The Mood For Love, set in 60s Hong Kong. For those in the west who may not be familiar with Wong Kar Wai, he's also the one who directed "My Blueberry Nights" starring Jude Law and Norah Jones. In The Mood For Love is a story written by Wong about forbidden love and in the story, the female and male leads shared some special moments in room 2046 - writing martial novels :D The chinese title of this movie is Hua Yang Nian Hua. The Chinese title, Huayang Nianhua (translated in the subtitles as "Full Bloom" but more accurately meaning "those wonderful varied years"), is more suggestive of period nostalgia and the Shanghai association, pointing to an iridescent, kaleidoscopic age of bygone elegance and diversity.

This painting is my personal interpretation of the following lines from the movie. "In the old days, if someone had a secret they don't want to share what do they do? They went up a mountain, find a tree,carved a hole in it and whispered the secret into the hole. Then they covered it with mud. And leave the secret there forever."

Original Paintings And Signed Prints Of The 2 Paintings Are Available At:


Tees And Gifts Available In Zazzle, click to see more :D

Owl and Toy Photography Gifts :D

There was one period when I was so into floral photography and my zazzle store was filled with mainly florals. I returned to my first love, Toy Photography. Here are some of my recent ones which I just added to my zazzle store:

Ellen's Owl Family Members

These are some of the selected ones for this shot. The latest addition to the Owl Family is the blue and white porcelain looking owl, it's actually a jug or a vase for that matter.

Little Starfish

I brought this starfish (one of my photography models) to Phuket last month, love the foamy water bubbles here :D

The Reader

This one's really small, about an inch tall only. The main draw is the sleepy eyes :D

The Reader postcard
The Reader by Heartworks
Make a Custom post card on www.Zazzle.com

Finding Mary

Mary's lamb went astray....however he does not give up hope in finding Mary, love his never say die spirit.

Ophelia Loves Rainy Days

....and so do I..especially when I am at home, watching the pouring rain from my window and taking in the smell of rain :D

Owl Art - Bubbling With Love

Ophelia the Owl marvels at the fact that even the vastness of the ocean cannot hinder kindred spirits from finding each other, it must be the work of destiny!

This recent piece of artwork is an inspiration from my island vacation at Phuket, Thailand. Had a lazy and fulfilling time at the beaches with my husband.....and bubbling with love within....and so here it is...my thoughts captured on canvas :D

Prints of "Bubbling With Love" and my other art prints are available at my etsy store, http://www.udonchow.etsy.com All prints are printed on A4 size quality acid free paper with matt finish, signed, titled and dated by me.

You can view my other "Bubbling With Love" gifts at my Zazzle store, http://www.zazzle.com/udonchow

Bubbling With Love shirt
Bubbling With Love by udonchow
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